24/06/2017 - Episode 20
La Bodega - Brussels

Top 100 video - 1980's vs 2000's

Chacha aka Public Relation (Theatro, Vizio, Fifty Five)
Moyo (Theatro)
Hatecraft (Fantastique.Nights)

21:00-22:30: Warm-up (Hatecraft)
22:30-2:00: Top 100 video (Chacha & Moyo + VJ)
2:00-5:00: Chacha's show

Choose for your favourite songs and the videoclips you want to see while you dance and win a bottle of cava. Click here to vote.


Chacha (aka Public Relation) is our resident dj. Well known in Brussels, he performed in the most famous Belgian clubs during the 80′s: the legendary Theatro, the Fifty-Five or the Vizio. New wave and 80′s music have no secret for him. He will make you dance whether you want or not!

Hatecraft (Fantastique.Nights) will warm-up the party with a mix of slow wave hits and post-punk gems, dozens of reasons to arrive early...