25/01/2020 - Episode 28 - Face/Off Edition #2
La Bodega - Brussels

2 rooms, 2 sounds, 5 dj’s
Face/Off Edition, upside down...

Level I: Underground (New Wave)
HM_Rough (Disorder Cologne)
Polina Y (Drop Dead Festival, Mutant Transmissions Radio)
Nero Palms

Level II: Pop (80's)
Chacha aka Public Relation (Theatro, Vizio, Fifty Five)
Hatecraft (Addams Family)

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Chacha (aka Public Relation) is our resident dj. Well known in Brussels, he performed in the most famous Belgian clubs during the 80′s: the legendary Theatro, the Fifty-Five or the Vizio. New wave and 80′s music have no secret for him. He will make you dance whether you want or not!

Hatecraft is a concert and party promoter since 1986. In the early 80′s he fell in love with New Order’s music and soon discovered their former project Joy Division and all the post-punk scene. Although he opened his mind to electronic, pop, industrial, gothic and noisy pop music, the 78-84 period remains his favorite one.

DJ HM_Rough, founder and DJ of the Disorder party, which takes place every month in Cologne since 2010. Occasionally added with gigs. Main genres are minimal, synth, postpunk, underground ndw. Also involved in music project Tilly Electronics as songwriter and producer.

Polina Y (NYC – Berlin - Brugge) is a long time international DJ and Radio Host. Her love for the underground music has even led her to  organize festivals such as the famous Drop Dead Festival (for 10 years) and the Mutant Transmissions Festival. You can hear her on the radio every Thursday 9-11pm  at 106.7 and 107.9 FM. Mutant Transmission, her radio show, is a weekly exploration of the experimental, innovative and cutting edge of the audio underground. MT journeys into the Obscure, Art Damaged and Mutant Wave sounds. Check her kicking DJ sets and radio shows on her Mixcloud and Facebook pages.